IMG_0298In the Shadows of the Oaks

Electricity sparked through the air when their eyes first met but neither Landi nor Sean, the tutor of her son, could succumb to their desires. Instead she fled to the safety of her bedroom to escape the inevitable. Ultimately, after three months of denial their sequestered feelings burst through the façade, culminating in passionate romance.

Their world was now complete with one exception – Brenda, Sean’s beautiful, and now ex, girlfriend. She and Landi, once best of friends, had long become indelible enemies after Brenda consummated an affair with Jake, the father of Landi’s children. Sean’s arrival simply exacerbated the animosity they held toward each other and drew all of them into a whirlpool that entangled their past indiscretions with their present day struggles.

As their relationships spun out of control the surrounding urban community was racing out of control, besieged by the murder of a black youth by a white policeman, a vicious mayoral election between a corrupt incumbent and a veracious challenger, the accidental death of a gang leader by Landi, retribution against her by the gang, a public outcry regarding Sean’s relationship with the two black women, and a deadly battle between warring street gangs, culminating in a tumultuous ending that leaves no one unscathed.

Filled with tension, malice, lust and love, the story reflects the realities that exist in cities and towns throughout the country in an unprecedented manner. As much as an indictment of interminable corruption and incessant racism, it is also a harbinger of optimism, guided by the belief that there are more similarities between races and individuals than what first meets the eye.